Omega One Room School
     Do You Remember---The Omega One Room School?
Last year, 2017, we celebrated the 126th Anniversary of the Omega School Building being rebuilt in 1891.  The original school was built in 1856 and later destroyed by fire.

A fund raiser was held to celebrate the completion of our Omega One Room School.  The crowd was down this knowing that the project has been completed  Over the last 7 years we have raised over $ 42,000.00 to preserve the Omega One Room  School.  At his time we still have adequate funds to maintain the school.

At last years get together we had available the Omega One Room School History, Memory and Cook Book.  We have sold 75 books todate.  Many have asked for more copies.  They are now ready.  We have 25 new copies ready for your pleasure.  The cost of the books is still $ 10.00 plus shipping costs.  Please contact Tracie Fisk or Sharon Cash to get your book.  Their telephone numbers are in the next column.

​​​​​​​Donations are still  being accepted.  Please make contributions payable to Omega One Room School and mail to Tracie Fisk, 7721 Penrod Road, Iuka, Il. 62849.

Do you know the history of the Omega One Room School?  It was built in 1856. It was a frame building 24 X 28 feet in size.  William Duncan and Katie Elder are thought to be the first teachers.  Excerpts from an old school ledger gives the year 1891 as the date the original building was rebuilt with a newer building.  The school board of Wm. Southward, R. M. Schooley and J. W. Arnold met and awarded the contract for the new building to N. B. Turner at a cost of $ 514.00 plus $ 10.00 for the belfrey.  Later seats and desks were bought for $ 45.00

The first to teach in the new building was Mrs. Wise at $ 30.00 per months for five months and L. K. Boynton at $ 40.00 per month for four months.  This building was used as a school until the rural schools were consolidated.  It served since that time as the Omega Township Building.

Progress on our One Room School is complete.  Over the last 7 years, we have put a foundation under the school, put a new roof, sided the building and worked on the inside of the building.   

For more information please contact the following committee members:

Randy Rose                          323-9468
Tracie Fisk                            323-9870
Bill & Sharon Cash                323-6817
Cotton & June Wagoner       245-6419
Edward Monical                    292-4040
Billie Jo McGee                     245-6340 
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